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Disk Cloning software MASAMUNE
MSAMUNE Data Salvage Tool


As a purpose of the evidence preservation business in data recovery or digital forensic, has your company invested for equipment expensively in order to make copy clone of various types of electronic recording medium? MASAMUNE Clone is the software duplicator developed by Digital Salvage Inc., by the experience of data recovery service over 10 years.The biggest feature of this product of software duplicator, is that the takeout work of storage with dismantling of the personal computer doesn't need.


Self-fulfilling prophecy System

Self-fulfilling prophecy System(abbr: SFPS) is a new service developed by our company, to predict when the breakdown of storage will occur.And SFPS is high-precision storage failure prediction detection system, based on statistical data of storage which had been obtained from data recovery service as the main business of our company.The capacity of storage has become huge by rapid cloud computing in recent years, and so many devices(HDD and SSD) are requied.And also, in IoT era which is predicted to begin in earnest from now, the storage is required high performance and availability represented by SSD etc.


Manage the Storage Donor

This service is web service which can register and manage the storage donor, toward data recovery company, personal computer repair company and research institute.Though the management of donor tends to be troublesome and high-load, you can register donor automatically to the database under management, and can manage on screen of website, by information collection tool of using technology of MASAMUNE. In the future, the service aims that the information of donor can be shared and traded to exchange among users.



  • 2015-03-27

    About MASAMUNE

    You do not worry about your hard disc drive read error You can recover and clone your hard drive data by backward readi…

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