After erasing, when the log in to the management console “EvidenceCenter” in the cloud “view of the erase log”, “User Management”, you can easily output in one click with “erase certificate”.

Function of EvidenceCenter is the following.

Search and list of work log

  • Search of work log
  • CSV output of work log
  • Clear certificate (s, allowing multiple output)

Addition and deletion of worker

  • User added or deleted, such as work in charge (work sites)
  • View range control of the work in charge
  • Work in charge of the number of times of use survey

Modification of company information

  • Changing the company logo (logo change to erase proof)
  • Change of corporate advertising (erase proof the bottom of the banner change)


For erasing certificateerasure_certificate

Column, which is output to the erase certificate is the following.

Report Information Data erase result Device Details
Report ID Processing software (※) Terminal ID
Report Issue Date Processing content Maker
Electronic signature(※) capacity Product name
Working in charge Erase start date and time Serial number
Erase end date and time IMEI / MEID
Processing time Model Number
status Terminal type
 Officer sign column OS version

※ electronic signature is equipped as a function of preventing falsification of erasing certificate.
※ erasing software displays the contents of the erase engine.

Erase certificate sample

Certificate of design, changes such as logo is possible.

Viewing environment

Windows, we recommend the Internet browser below which can be used in Manzanillo each, such as macOS OS.

  • Internet explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Latest version of Chrome
  • Firefox latest version
  • Safari latest version