Clear-enabled devices



Touch IPod



Phone Android, Android Tablet

Center equipment of the system requirements

  • CPU: 64Bit corresponding CPU 2GHz or more
  • Memory: 2GB or more
  • Storage: 128GB or more (10GB If you do not want the latest update iOS-based devices)
  • Display: Resolution 1024 × 768 or higher recommended
  • USB port: 1 port or more (Please use a USB hub when it is available multiple connections)
  • Network: Ethernet, Wifi, etc.
  • OS: Linux (Ubuntu )

Erase time

Main body function of the smart phone (smartphone), but depends on the writing speed of the storage capacity and data, about the average case of iOS 15 minutes to 25 minutes. In the case of Android it can be erased in 5 minutes to 25 minutes.

… compared to the other products

Rapid support response of domestic unique

Data recovery engineers of Japan, mobile phone technician, is erasing program that was developed in the cloud design engineer our team. Do the kindness and quick support response of Japanese engineers unique.

The difference with other companies domestic software

Since that make up the software on Linux-based rather than a Windows-based, in data erasure software that is configured with third-party Windows, it is possible to reduce the time of installation of the Android device driver. Smartphone will eliminate the hassle of must download the driver from the manufacturer site each time it is released.

Batch erase also erase the device more than 20 units

It is possible to collectively erase also of the terminal more than 20 units by the USB connection. Monitoring function of the USB port, also comes with a auto-erase function, corresponding to erasure by only insertion and removal of the body of the screen and a USB cable. It can significantly reduce the number of working steps. In Japan erasing software, for those that are the control of up to one to several units, our software allows you to erase a stretch to connect the of devices more than 20 units.


Strong in Android

Other companies made overseas erasing software it is possible to erase also with respect to domestic Android device can not be erased playing the error. Even devices that have any chance error occurred analysis if it is possible to send to the Company addressed, please feel free to tell us because you made improvements.

Standard equipped with a hot-swap capability

Center equipment has been a full-time monitoring of the USB port. In order to efficiently clear the multiple devices, remove the only devices that erase completion of the devices that are more connected, it is possible to replace it with the next erasing device.

Equipped with special features

Find iPhone, the effective state of the Android device protection detection function

Specific and of the original lost location information such as GPS when you lose your device, it is possible to confirm the detection of features such as remote wipe function is installed before data erase. It is possible to reduce the risk of post-erase by detecting them before erasing.

Jailbreak, root of the detection function

It is equipped with a detection of the management acquisition function of the device according to the power user. The administrator capture application of interest, in the Android Superuser.apk, SuperSU.apk, the presence or absence of the su command. In the case of iOS, it is possible to detect the Similarly Find the above iPhone, available as a function of the order to reduce the risk of post-erase.

Output function of the erase function and a log that does not update the iOS

For more information on clearing the iOS it has adopted a data erasing method of Apple’s specifications with each company also those of software, but also have a mechanism to transfer the reset erase logs on the terminal otherwise. Therefore, can be rented for the hardware, such as rental company for which can not be carried out early updates, you also are used to, such as asset management of application development sites.

Detection function, such as secondary storage (SD card)

Before the data erasing operation has the ability to a warning for the removal of the secondary storage such as an SD card. In order to reduce as much as possible the leakage of personal information that is present on the SD card, it has to implement the function to save the operating mistakes in the field.
※ This function is in the detection function of the second storage, it will also be the subject of detection when the recording memory has been internally mounted in the device.

Adopt a variety of erasing method

From “data erasing”, you can select the padding scheme of free space.


No padding of free space (the default iOS)

2.HMG Infosec Standard 5, Baseline Standard

0 write-once (0x00) (the default Android)

3.NIST SP-800-88 (1)

Writing once in 1 (0xFF)

4.NIST SP-800-88 (*)

Writing once in a random pattern

5.NSA Standard

NSA method equivalent (after writing two times in a random, write 0)

6.DoD 5220.22-M

DoD 5220.22-M method corresponding (0,1, verification after writing randomly once each)

From the “terminal Reset”, you can select the terminal reset method.

1.Android OS Erasure “/” Apple iOS Erasure (IPSW)

OS of the terminal reset (IPSW in the case of iOS write) (default)

2.Manually Terminal Resetting

Terminal reset manually


No terminal reset

detail of function

1. Monitoring of erasing

This software takes the erasing log of the end and the erasing log of the start during the erase of the device, equipped with a function to confirm the erase progress and achievements in the cloud.

2. respond to a wide variety of OS

By pouring the application for each device from this software, it is possible to erase from the inside.

3. Monitoring of the error

Using a USB connection, and monitors erase application in the body at all times. Therefore, alert and error that occurred during the erase.

4. rapid support system

It can be done to speed up the failure of support by which to transfer the contents of the error to the cloud.

5. erase log can print from the cloud.

This software will be issued immediately erasing log in the cloud. Originally, writing a log such as USB memory, you can cut the time to paste over to a predetermined format. Even in its own template has a corresponding so, please contact us.