You do not worry about your hard disc drive read error
You can recover and clone your hard drive data by backward reading


  1. Recover the hard disc drive data and make a data clone with higher percentage possibility.
  2. Laptop PC such as Mac, VAIO and Toughbook are very hard to remove the hard disc drives from the PC body, but you do not have to remove it. All you have to do is connect external DVD drive with USB cable to boot up hard disc drive.
  3. You can make a data clone from the RAID because it is supported by Unix OS.
  4. You can copy the data to another hard disc drive.
  5. MASAMUNE read data from the front as same as the standard, but if there it hit a bad sector, it deliver the drive head to jump to the back of the data and backward read to recover perfectly. Farthermore, it retry reading many times to get the perfect data without error. This original algorithm is world patent pending now.
  6. Intel Mac is available.
  7. During the operation, you can see the work on the screen.
  8. Easy operation.
  9. You can copy to any storage devices.
  10. Very low read error rate data can be copied
  11. The price is very low compared with famous recovery solution.